Friday, July 10, 2015

Why Hire a Party Bus for your Kid’s Prom?

Prom nights play a significant role in the life of high school kids. If you have a son or daughter attending prom in DC, you are probably thinking about booking a limo for their special day. But booking a party bus is better than any limo you are planning to hire. It offers enough space and comfort for a larger group of people.
Reasons to Hire a Party Bus
A party bus in DC will have more space when compared to a limo and your kids will also get to have good fun with all the amenities provided in the bus. Many party bus rentals in DC happily accommodate customers’ special requests. For example, you can request for a bus without a bar for your kid’s prom night.
Things to Note
Most of the party bus rentals in DC charge a flat rate as fee for renting a bus. Do talk about the gratuity and other charges when renting a party bus. Clearly mention the duration for which you will need the bus. If you exceed those hours, you might have to pay a little extra. With an experienced driver on board you can be assured that your kids will be in safe hands on their special day.
extra. With an experienced driver on board you can be assured that your kids will be in safe hands on their special day.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Fun Way To Travel To A Party With Friends And Family

Parties are always exciting especially if they are ones your friends and family will be attending. You are sure to plan ahead for it: the clothes to wear, the shoes, the accessories and even how you are going to get to the party. If it is a big group it will be wonderful if you travel together and for that you can look up the bus rentals in Baltimore. You can reach the venue relaxed and in great spirits because DC party bus rentals provides you with an experience that is exciting and fun. By booking in advance you can be confident that there will be no confusion and the whole group will reach the venue well in time and in the right mood. Party bus rentals in DC offer different packages and this is very useful. After spending money on the clothes and the accessories, spending a large sum for the transport could be quite difficult. The transport companies who offer party buses in DC also offer other services like drop and pick up to and from the airport, executive travel, limos for weddings for the bride and groom as well as for the wedding party and limos for proms too. The best thing is that there are always offers available that you can make use of. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Renting A Party Bus Is Safe And Fun

It is a wise idea to make use of the party bus rentals in DC. This is because it is common knowledge that if the party is to celebrate an achievement or anything else there will be plenty of liquor being served. As long as you are not driving back home, why not have an extra drink or two? It’s not very often that you go out with a large group of your loved ones to a party. The DC party buses are very luxurious and the interiors look like a party venue. With strobe lights and a fantastic sound system, a dance floor with laser lights and strobe lights you can be forgiven for thinking the party is in the bus. DC Party Bus rentals offer vehicles that can carry up to 30 or more passengers in comfort. Flat screen TVs and DVDs are also part of the deco and champagne caddy is also provided. With so many extra fittings, the drive to the party venue can be a lot of fun. Reservations are best made ahead of the date so that you will not be disappointed. Party buses in DC on rental basis are very much in demand and there are a few companies who offer their services at a good price.